SPORT BUDDY LOGOSport Buddy came to our company’s founder, Melissa Montague Gotfredson, while on vacation a few years ago. In pursuit of a little protection from the intense Caribbean sun. Melissa purchased a beachcomber hat and preceded to wear it everywhere, to the beach, sailing, golfing, you name it. She loved it so she brought it back home. It survived the trip, but it didn’t survive her washing machine. As she mourned the loss of her favorite hat, it dawned on her that as great as the hat was, it could have been better. What if it had a more flexible brim? What if some color was added to the simple khaki look? And above all, what if the hat was sturdy enough to survive the washer, over and over again?

So Melissa set out to create the perfect outdoor hat. With a distinctive style that appeals to both men and women. With fabric that is sturdy and durable without being stiff. With a design that is reversible and comfortable, while protecting users from wind, rain, and sun. Thus, Sport Buddy was born. Since its debut, the demand has been phenomenal. Of course, like any great idea, the Sport Buddy line is continually growing, so let us know what you’d like to see in the future. We at Montague Design Group want you to love Sport Buddy apparel as much as we do.

Sport Buddy is rapidly becoming the most popular “sun and fun” hat available. Perfect for outdoor activities, its distinctive styling appeals to women of all ages and types. It’s made of 100% cotton canvas and has a variety of fun prints on the reverse side. ¬†The Sport Buddy hat is a patented reversible, packable, wind resistant, UPF 50+, washable hat with a hint of style. It’s perfect for any outdoor activity including active and relaxed sports. The flexible brim makes it the perfect hat for snug areas, whether riding in the car or reclining in a beach lounger. The brim can be shaped in countless different styles to suit your mood. Read what other people think about their¬†Sport Buddy hat. This is the hat you can’t live without!