melissa gotfredson port buddy canvas sunhats

Melissa Montague Gotfredson¬† – Sun & Color’s Founder

Sun & Color was created to be your one stop summer shop. Here, you’ll find the greatest summer fashions and all the colorful styles that go hand-in-hand with blue skies, sun, sand, heat, and all that is wonderful about summer! The idea to build this store sprouted from a very special hat… the Sport Buddy hat, designed by our founder, Melissa Montague Gotfredson. For years, Sport Buddy hats have been a hit at golf tournaments across the country and through this website.¬† Sport Buddy is the best ladies UPF protection sun hat on the market that is perfect for all outdoor sports and activities.

Now, Sport Buddy is the flagship brand of the new Sun & Color store. Here, you can get everyone this amazing sun protection hat PLUS everything else you’ll need to feel stylish this summer.

Sun & Color helps you avoid the hassle of going through several stores to find the latest summer fashions and all the different items you need to get when you go on a beach vacation or simply when you’re getting ready for the summer months. There’s no need to go different places to find beach hats, tunics and totes bags it’s all here! And you can rest assured that you’re getting high quality products that have been tested by Sun & Color’s staff.