Sport Buddy Hat Questions

Sport Buddy Sizing Questions

Q. How do I know what size Sport Buddy ® I am?
A.  The best way to determine your size is to measure the circumference of your head 1/8 above your ears and eyebrows using a tape measure or a string, and then measure the sting with a ruler. Don’t pull it too tight or too loose.  Then go to the hat sizing chart at the bottom of the product page or in the thumbnail pictures justbelow the product picture.Sport Buddy Hat - Sizing Chart

Q. What is the best way to put a Sport Buddy® hat on and look cute right away?
A. When putting on your hat, apply it to your forehead first and make sure the seam is in the back/center and lightly pull the back down. It is best if you only hold the front and back of the brim (never the sides). This also helps you from having your sash fall off remember it is not attached. I have been told by the Hat Society that you never wear a hat on top of your head you wear it around your head.animaln print sport buddy hat with model

Q. How should my hat fit?
A. It should fit close to your head but not too snug or too loose. It is easier to shape when it fits close to your head. Sport Buddy® has been designed to be worn on the forehead just above the eyebrows and down in the back so that the top of your head hits the top of the crown. This sometimes mean the hat will hit the top of your ears this is the way it was designed.

Q. How wide is the brim?
A. The brim is 3 ¾ on all sizes.

Sport Buddy Styling Questions

Q. How do I shape my hat?
A. While wearing your Sport Buddy® hat cup your hands gently around the end of the brim and run them from front to back to your desired shape. You can shape the hat in many different styles such as signature (cowboy) to bucket styles. For detailed instructions, watch our video.

Q. How do I reverse my hat?
A. The best way is to remove the sash and turn it inside out the push and pull the interior crown until the interior fabric is smooth. Then simply put it on just like the canvas side. You will notice it will be a bit tighter as the canvas takes up more room. This is normal.

Q. Can I wear my sash on the reverse side?
A. You may, but the sash covers up the fun print. If the print and the sash coordinate, then by all means have some fun!

Q. What makes the Sport Buddy® hat wind resistant?
A. Your Sport Buddy® is a patented Wind-Resistant hat. Features that help make it wind-resistant; 1. The size, you select a hat that is your size. 2. The brim is flexible, allowing it to move 3. The sash can be tightened buy loosing up the square knot and tightening it your desired fit. Also make sure you wear it low in both the front and back helps (always wear a hat round your head not on top of it). This is what makes the Sport Buddy® hat a great hat in windy conditions.

Q. Will it blow off in my convertible?
A. Not as long as you have the sash tied snug. It is great in cars as the brim is flexible and won’t hit the head rest.

Q. Will it blow off on my boat?
A. On a sailboat, make sure you have the brim shaped in the signature or round shape and the sash is real tight. Motor boats, over 30 MPH you have to have the sash really tight and the brim will flip up but the hat shouldn’t come off. Probably best just to take it off and put it back on when you slow down. It’s not worth losing your precious Sport Buddy® hat.

Sport Buddy Care Questions

Q. Can I wash my hat?
A. Yes, Sport Buddy® is sturdy enough to survive repeated hand washings, retain flexibility and style; do not put it in the dryer.

Q. How do I hand wash my hat?
A. 1) Hand-wash your Sport Buddy® in cold water, alone or with like colors using regular laundry detergent. 2) Remove from the sink. Reshape the crown and brim by draping it over your knee and gently tugging, rotating until the entire crown and brim has been stretched. Run your loosely cupped hand along the brim to restore the gentle curve. 3) Allow your hat to air-dry on a dry towel, then stretch over your knee and shape the brim again, as desired above. You can even rinse your hat in the shower with yours I do. Remember each time you wash your hat it is known to build character with age just like us.

Q. What if I have a stain that won’t come out?
A. You can try a spot cleaner or take it on a road trip to your dry cleaners.

Q. What kind of fabric is Sport Buddy® made out of?
A. 1) The Natural and White canvas hats are made of 10 ounce 100% cotton canvas. With a fun cotton print on the interior. 2) The Black Canvas is an 11 ounce 100% cotton canvas that has a water repellent quality (up to 3-4 washings) 3) The hat sash is a Linen/Rayon Blend.

Q. Can I pack it in my suitcase?
A. The best way is to remove the sash and roll it up so that it doesn’t get wrinkled. Then just place you hat in between all your clothes. It will arrive at your destination ready to go. Or you can simply fold it in half and roll it up and wrap the sash around it and put it in your tote bag and it ready whenever you are.

Q. Does it offer sun protection?
A. Yes! SPF 50+ The design and materials used for the Sport Buddy® hat have been tested and certified by the Textile Research & Testing Lab at Cal Poly State University. This hat has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+, the highest sun protection rating allowable. Your dermatologist and hair stylist will be impressed.

Q. How long will the sun protection last?
A. The entire life of the hat.

Q. Can I get the hat wet?
A. Yes, no worries! Swim in it or use it as a rain hat, it is washable; it will just take overnight to dry.

Q. Where else can I purchase other Sport Buddy® Hats and Sashes?
A. We only sell online and at the a few major golf tournaments; U.S. Men’s Open, PGA Championship, Ryder Cup Matches (USA) in the headwear area of the Merchandise Pavilion. Click here to see our event schedule.

Q. Do you guarantee your hat?
A. Yes, our commitment to you ensures that each Sport Buddy® hat is made of the highest quality fabric and craftsmanship. We guarantee our hats to be free of manufacturing defects and will accept any defective item for an exchange regardless how long you have owned it. They are proudly made in the USA.