Laura – Islamorada, FL

Melissa, I purchased my Sport Buddy hat on Saturday afternoon at the Miami International Boat Show. (I was the blonde with the pink and green sweater who purchased the white hat with pink sash.) I hope you sold quite a bit more after I left you–plenty of ladies stopped me to inquire about my hat and I sent them straight to your Sport Buddy booth. Just wanted to say I love my hat! It’s well-made, versatile, and best of all, I can roll it up and pop it in a bag for easy transport when traveling. It’s been quite windy in South Florida over the past few days and my Sport Buddy is saving me from the dreadful, ‘bad hair day.’ You’ve got a great product and I wish you much success in your business. This might be my first Sport Buddy, but it won’t be my last!

Marga- Florida

I have use this hats for 8 years. They are great to play golf and boating in general. Easy maintenance and long lasting and beautiful.

Love my new hat that I just bought at the PGA on Kiawah Island! Enjoyed working with you Melissa. What a life changing day!

I received my order and I love the hat!! It is so flexible and versatile. I am not a hat person, but I will definitely wear this one and I will also order it again in the future as a birthday present for some of my friends and family. Thanks!!

Just wanted to Thank You for a wonderful product! I am a golfer,and I have a small head so most all other hats NEVER fit me. Yours is Fantastic!!! Love everything about it, style, colors, and it protects me in the sun. Thank You, One happy golfer.

Can’t say enough about the hat! Definitey the bijoux of the island!

I love your hat. I’ve had it for years with different color sashes. I wear it to play pickleball and it keeps me shaded from the Arizona sun.

I think one of my hats is an original Sport Buddy. Were the originals UPF 50 or UPF anything? Do you plan to offer black again non-rain hat? I LOVE your hats!!! They are the BEST and most comfortable hats I’ve ever worn and have recommended them to many people! Thanks for making such a great product.

I’ve been wearing my Sport Buddy since 2002 — it goes everywhere with me, even to church. It’s my “bad hair day” hat and by switching out the sashes, everyone thinks I own dozens of hats. Even when my original hat turned “shabby chic” with all the frays, I still got compliments. Dress it up or down, this hat is the best. From: Annapolis, MD

Jackie Alger
I’ve had this hat for years and love it. When the printed side faded, I just turned it inside out. I have lots of sash colors and interchange them with outfits. I receive lots of compliments.

Janice Bell
I bought my Sport Buddy at the Ryder Cup in Louisville and adore it. I even had a hat made for my daughter’s wedding in the same style. Thanks so much.

Susan Weisman
I bought the white hat at Bethpage during the open. I get so many complements on the hat. I also appreciate the sending of the brown sash so very promptly.Thanks for making such a great product. Susan

We love your hats!

Marguerite Fagella-D’Aloisio
I remember how great I looked and felt when I bought a tan Sport Buddy at Bethpage in 2002 and one for my friend at Shinnecock in 2004! I just bought the light wheat color with blue band at Bethpage 2009 and the reversable color on the inside looks great with everything. See you at the US Open this weekend! Marguerite, US Open Volunteer, Merchandise Tent

Yvonne Bentley
I bought a hat from you 5 years ago and it still looks great. It is my favorite hat.

Ann Quinell
Hello, I just purchased a sport buddy hat at the Miami International Boat show from you and I LOVE IT! It does and everything you said it would. And i am getting major compliments. Thanks for creating such a cool hat!

I can’t tell you how much I loved the Hat! I purchased at the U.S. Open Bethpage 2002. It was my favorite. And now is a favorite of a very good friend of mine. She was over one day, on a brutally hot day. She is a woman of 35 and undergoing chemotherapy. She was terribly uncomfortable, with the heat and the wig. I told her…please…I have something for you. She was sooooo thrilled, And sooooo comfortable. I was so happy that she could relax and enjoy a beautiful day, and it was all due to your fabulous hat! Now…I need to go on your online store and buy a new one for myself! Thank you again!

F. Jones
I just love my new Sport Buddy hat! I saw a friend in our Golf Member-Guest with one on. She said she got it at the Greater Greensboro Open. I was so disappointed. Last week she said she went to the Kingsmill Pro Shop and saw some of them. I went last Sunday and they had two left, which just happened to be my size! I wore it Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, playing golf: it doesn’t distract me at all, and protects my hair, which is the main reason I wanted one. My family is going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina today, and my Sport Buddy is going with us! I will wear it playing golf, and at poolside! Thanks so much for designing the Sport Buddy! By the way, I wear it with the front curled up and the back down! I have the golf motif showing, but also wear the sash with it too!

L. Louis
I bought a Sport Buddy in the merchandise tent at the US Open at Bethpage. LOVE IT. It saved my life when the weather was inclement, and it looked great. On the last day so many of the women who had admired it, we are the Executive Women’s Golf Association and were marshalling the 11th hole, showed up wearing it! Copycats but great for Sport Buddy.

Sarah K.
I purchased a Sport Buddy at the LPGA tournament in Springfield, IL, and have received MANY compliments. It’s a great hat!

M. Rossero
I bought a hat at the U.S. Open this past week and absolutely love it. It is so comfortable to wear and quite honestly, I tossed all my visors and baseball caps. I can’t wait to get these new hats and look forward to buying them from you in the future. Good luck, you have a terrific product.

S. Hooper
I just returned back from Hilton Head, where I was so lucky to receive one of your great hats as a gift from Creative Memories. They were demonstrated with style, flair and humor, and I love my new hat! I have been home less than three days and already one of my friends has to have one. I would also like to order one for my mother, who is an avid gardener. Where can I purchase one? Thanks again for creating a great hat! It stays on my head, and unlike straw hats, my kids can’t crush it! Thank!   Your faithful consumer,

T. Stewart
I love my Sport buddy hat so much that I took it to the Super Bowl last weekend to wear on our cruise of the Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Boomer Esiasan and Tony Dorsett were also on the boat so I needed something quick for an autograph. My hand reached for my Sport Buddy and before I knew it I had the two autographs and decided that my old friend would now become my signature file for the rest of the weekend. Needless to say, I can no longer wear my hat since it’s so hot in the summer here in The Woodlands, Texas because I would have to wash it and loose all my memorabilia. So I need to get another one. Can you tell me where I can get another one? I need one by February 14th for a golf cruise that I’ll be going on and I will certainly be lost without one. Believe me, normally my life is not so exciting. Thanks so much for your assistance.

S. Murphy
I bought a Sport Buddy hat at the PGA at Hazeltine and have never had so many compliments about an article of clothing in my life. Thanks so much and I will spread the word.